Zarnab International

About Us

Zarnab International is Established in 1998 in Lahore, and having office in Islamabad as well, Zarnab International has become the prestigious, trustworthy and pioneer Immigration Consultants in Pakistan. Our specialized services with expert counseling done by our fully trained Immigration consultants make us outstanding among others.

We achieved our success because of how successfully we integrate with our clients. One complaint many people have about consultants is that they can be disruptive. Employees fear outside consultants coming in and destroying the workflow. Our clients face no such issues.

Our specialized services with expert counseling done by our fully trained Immigration consultants make us outstanding among others.

Why Choose Us


Our experienced student counselors provide personalized and comprehensive counseling sessions to students who are seeking to study abroad

Course & Institutes Selection

Our expert counselors are specially trained to help you with the course & institute selection process


Our experienced team handles universities admission application with professionalism to ensure a smooth and successful application

Visa Applications

Our expert team carefully reviews and evaluates each student visa application, ensuring to maximize the chances of success

Interview Prepration

Our interview preparation service helps our clients to ace their university and visa interviews with confidence

Pre Departure Guidelines

Our pre departure guidelines aim to prepare students for a smooth and successful transition to their destination country

Our Mission

At Zarnab International, our mission is to provide exceptional consulting services that empower Education, businesses, organizations, and individuals to achieve their fullest potential on the global stage. We are committed to delivering strategic insights, innovative solutions, and actionable recommendations that drive growth, sustainability, and success.

We know our clients’ brands inside and out to create bespoke campaigns that bring the brand story to life, engage with consumers and inspire the media.

  • Immigration advice and information as per the current laws
  • Complete assessment including explanation of visa options, migration process and requirements
  • Foreign education counseling including study options, courses, universities and costs
  • Skill assessment preparation
  • Visa application preparation
  • Expert advice on Business Immigration
  • Complete assistance in getting Spouse and child visa

Our experience

Admissions 95%
Visa Applications 92%
Enrollments 99%
Progression 89%

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